RawDietLine VegeHerbs & Fruits 200g

Natural herbs, vegetables and fruits in one dosage!

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VegeHerbs & Fruits is a dried vegetable, fruit and herb meal made entirely from natural Polish farm sources including  vitamins, antioxidants and fibre. The composition of added herbs improves the digestive system, the secretory function of the liver andacts as a stimulant in the immunological processes.

VegeHerbs & Fruits is a 100% natural food supplement for dogs fed on raw meat. VegeHerbs & Fruits is a meal of dried vegetables, fruits and herbs entirely from Polish farming. The supplement is designed for all breeds of dogs at any stage of life. The raw diet replaces the fresh vegetables and fruits that are hard to digest, but necessary for carnivores. RawDietLine VegeHerbs & Fruits is a source of natural vitamins, antioxidants, fibre and easily digestible carbohydrates. The composition of added herbs improves the digestive system, recovers the secretory function of the liver and acts as a stimulant in the immunological processes. The addition of eggyolk increases the palatability of the composition.

The product does not contain synthetic additives.

Use: as a dietary supplement for dogs fed raw meat (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food), dry food (dietary supplement of vegetables, fruits and herbs), homemade meals as well as an enriched vegan diet. A perfect alternative for raw and cooked vegetables in the diet. For dogs of all breeds, at every stage of life.


Composing the dogs daily  diet with three servings of different vegetables and fruit with low glycaemic index can decrease the development of many types of cancer!

Ingredients: Carrot, Apple, Cleansing, Eggyolk, Rosehip, Black berry, Brewer’s yeast, Beetroot, Linseed


3 scoops VH&F / 100g raw meat or meat on the bone
2 scoops VH&F / 100g commercial food

The enclosed scoop contains ca. 2g of  product.

Method of administration: You can sprinkle flour directly to the food or give after mixing with a small amount of fresh, cool water.

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