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Alpha White 473ml

Deep Cleaning, Conditioning, Whitening and Stain Removing

Price 11.58

Midnight White 473ml

Coat Whitening and Color Brightening

Price 8.75

The Solution Detangler 473ml

Helps detangle the most difficult mats and/or condition a wide range of coat types

Price 12.42

Dynamic Duo 236ml

Complete Shampoo and Moisturizing Conditioner in One

Price 6.58

Emerald Black 473ml

For Black or Dark Coats – Deep Cleaning, Conditioning

Price 11.58

Emerald Black 3,8L

For Black or Dark Coats – Deep Cleaning, Conditioning

Price 41.58

Hypo+ Allergenic 473ml

Hypoallergenic Shampoo,gentle, plus super rich and luxurious

Price 12.08

Keri-Cot Coat 473ml

Restores life to damaged hair and prevents breakage

Price 8.25

OatMella 236ml

Helps calm itchy skin and exfoliate dry flaky skin cells

Price 8.75

ReFurBish Coat 473ml

Loosens tangles to make comb-out easier

Price 12.42

Ultimate Deep 473ml

Premier, Deep Cleaning and Conditioning

ULTIMATE® is the perfect shampoo for the widest range of coat types.

Price 13.25

Unleashed Pet 236ml

A special spray cologne to add extra freshness after bathing or between baths

Price 11.58


For adult dogs with dark fur.

Price 10.00

DiamondCoat SnowWhite&MixColor

For adult dogs with white or light hair. 

Price 10.00

DiamondCoat Show Max

Perfect hair condition, for show dog. 

Price 20.83

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