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DiamondCoat Show Max

Perfect hair condition, for show dog. 

Momentálne nedostupné

Dietary preparation created for show dogs, which require perfect condition of the hair and highlighting skin pigment (e.g. nose or lips).

The product is recommended in cases of: excessive hair loss, lack of gloss, deep color, increased thickening and peeling of the epidermis. It contains the optimal amount of biotin as well as zinc and copper in the form of chelate, which improves the use of the active substance by the body, improving its bio-retention. The active ingredients of the formula stimulate the functions of building and regenerating the skin, connective tissue and the hair matrix. They regulate the metabolism of the skin in which the hair is stuck, thanks to which they exert a beneficial effect on the condition of their roots by accelerating the growth rate. They give the coat shine, softness and vitality. Extremely tasty, recommended for fastidious dogs who are reluctant to take supplements.


    • Show dogs
    • Perfect hair condition
    • Intensive color
    • Small, tasty tablets

Tablet compositionsea ​​algae (Ascophyllum nodosum), BIO egg yolk, zinc chelate, nettle (Urtica dioica L.), potato proteins, ceratonia (Ceratonia siliqua L.), collagen hydrolyzate, biotin, evening primrose oil, horsetail (Equisetum arvense), seeds linen

Techonological additives: 231mg celulozy  39mg krzemionki

Analytical ingredients / 100g:
Protein: 19%
Fat: 9.4%
Fiber: 17.8%
Crude ash: 15.8%
Humidity: 5.7%

1 tablet / 2.5kg b.w.

Serve: mixed with food or directly to muzzle.

APPLICATION: prophylactically for 30-60 days during linearity and as part of the demonstration function of the coat condition of dogs after 6 months of age. Ad hoc on the poor condition of the coat and skin for no more than 90 days.

Afterwards, take a 30-day break and resume using calls as needed.

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