Chondroline Junior

Supplement for young, growing dogs.

Dodanie do 3 - 4 prac. dní
Tovar skladom

A specialized organic preparation supporting the proper functioning and development of the skeletal and joint system. Designed for use in young dogs during intensive growth between 3-12 months.

Optimally adapted to the needs of the young body, the formula helps to neutralize abnormalities in the development of articular cartilage and bones. Demonstrates supportive actions during treatment of chronic diseases of the motor apparatus in young dogs and correct development of articular cartilage. It constitutes essential chondro- prevention of high-growth breeds (large and giant) as well as pretending to diseases: degenerative joints (osteoarthritis), osteochondrosis (OCD), dysplasia of the hip and elbow joint. It supports the regeneration and protection of the motion system of young dogs undergoing training load.


Hydrolyzed collagen – 30000mg
Chondroitin sulfate from shark cartilage – 4000mg
Glucosamine sulfate shell mussel – 6000mg
Rosa caninaL. – 5000mg
Vitamin C – 10000mg
Saccharomyces cerevisiae – 15000mg
Qrill – 30000mg

< 5kg – 1g
5 – 10 kg – 2g
10 – 15 kg – 3g
15-20 kg – 4g
20 – 30 kg – 6g
30 – 40 kg – 8g
40kg < – 10g

1 scoop = 1 gram

Method of administration:  Serve mixed with food. The optimum effectiveness of the administration of the formulation provides the resulting liquid form dissolved in a small amount of fresh cold water in a ratio of 1:1.

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